Friday, March 14, 2008

Crazy Times

One of the craziest things about trying to keep up with my blog is resolving the tension between when I have my thoughts or inspirations and when I am able to publish them. My life is such that if I do not publish near to the time when I think of something, the chances that I publish decrease exponentially. Two inventions that I have thought of, that I have no idea if there is prior art, and have been thinking would be a godsend to my blogging art, are:
  • Sports hardened, WIFI capable blogging station for exercise equipment and bicycles. A blogging station for exercise equipment would be easier to tackle. The WIFI or wired connection would be easy to satisfy. There are already decent (or mostly decent) computer add-ons for protection against sweat, moisture, liquid, etc.... A mobile blogging station would be more difficult, especially for a mountain bike, but would be way cool...think about the great thoughts when you are in the middle of nowhere, having hammered across some killer trails...a great epiphany?
  • Night time, low light bed side blogging device. It would be cool, to wake up in the middle of the night, when I have many thoughts, that at least seem valuable at the time, to reach over to the bed side table, pull over the blogging station arm, with the the gentle back light and capture a few of the twilight synaptic firings.

It is hard to schedule thinking, but that is precisely what is recommended by many experts. I don't know if you can necessarily schedule thinking, but you certainly must schedule the lack of something to enable thinking. Too often, we are over scheduled or at least over busy, such that we cannot effectively think. However, the next question is whether it is better to be productively busy, rather than simply thinking which may be reduced to dreaming. Dreaming is important, but taking the next step is just as important or rather more important. From the dream, we must take the next step to determine what to do with the dream in order to bridge to the gap into reality. Even if that fruition is Degas painting or an heretical Schrödinger equation, we must make our imprint or our dreams become simply the wasted energy of our well endowed cerebrum.

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