Monday, February 25, 2008

Fits and Starts

I feel like my old snow blower that we resurrected when I was a young teen. My father bought this thing probably in the late 60s,early 70s and it was probably 10 yrs old then. But it was a tank (and a half). You know, my parents divorced when I was young, so once I got old enough, I got the snow blower back from our good friends who were "keeping it" for us. It would always take a while to get the thing going, you'd have to spray starter fluid in it and the whole process was in fits and starts. It would sometimes take probably close to an hour to get the thing cooperative, but once it was going, not even several feet of New England snow would stop the thing.

So the point is, my process now is very much in fits and starts mode. Hopefully, I will get cranking soon!

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