Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Strangeness in Paradise

This will be a strange post.

I do not know quite what to say or how to begin.

It is a time far in the past. I must close my eyes to remember. Of course, I cannot remember, but I can reflect. Of a time, in the old country, of dusty roads and crowded spaces. Of warm seas and fresh fruits, a man was measured by the number of olive trees, or was it dates? A minority lived in a foreign land that was theirs a millennium ago. They must assimilate, get along, speak the language, and they did.

A heavy barrel of flour at the bakery floor took four men to load and unload. But "Fat Simon" would heave one up by himself. "Fat Simon", Shishman See-mon, though I wonder if that is the correct translation. Fat is a poor description since while he was wide, it may better described as broad. Somewhat tall for the age, he had forearms the size of fire hoses and a chest like a gorilla. If you saw him from the back, you would see a wall. And a "hard man", described him as a "hard man"...

For a family that you must provide, you work 14 hours a day. A dry good shop, rises from nothing and you feed the children of your self. You provide for your wife, you establish a nice house. Maybe even a vacation to a lakeside house. You work hard. You do not dream. You just work hard, working hard is good. Then an official's son shows up with 2 body guards expecting a tribute, wanting to rape you of your hard earned labors. He tells you you better cooperate if you know what is good for you, and the henchmen lean in...

What would they expect of "Fat Simon"? as the blood boils up in his veins, his thinking processes focus, decision gates shut down and the attack instinct targets. Fat Simon grabs one body guard like a barrel of flour and throws him through the door. Then he takes the other and brings him outside and plants his face in the dirt street. The official's son says you will regret this...

And in this story the weasel has the power, and the weasel ultimately wins.

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