Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Grains of Sand are a-Fallin'

The hand lifts into the air, grasping the sand from yesterday. The wind blows and scatters the sand that will not be contained by the hand.

What happens to potential as the years pass. Is it a shame that one who once was a star, the life of the party, the magnetic prince of the crowd, with the sterling education, who travelled the world, with a woman in every port or at least in every class, would scatter to the wind? The sky jumping that blew his mind led to much more destructive pursuits. And where does the sand go? When does the sand run out?

Should I be sad for Alejandro? Or perhaps being scattered far from the rest, he will find fertile ground that will welcome and cherish him. Yet it is too easy to be lost, for the star to dim, the fire to extinguish. The sand runs out.

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