Monday, February 27, 2006


It is easy to say Life is so complicated these days. Between children, pets, work, career, chores, it is a wonder we even have time to update a blog. I thought I was busy before, but my life, with another kid, seems to have gotten exponentially busier.

Now, I've realized, you really cannot even hesitate to think about what should be done next or when you should do it. You just have to do it - something - right now. No Thinking. Just Doing. Act now. Don't think. Don't delay.

While I can romanticize that I will crack at some point, it is instructive to reflect that in a few blinks of the eye, I will wonder where all the time went, what happened to my kids and why I didn't play that little extra with them when I had the chance. I will remember fondly my sweet dogs and forget the messes they make.

It is like eating ice cream on a hot July day. It never lasts as long as you'ld like.

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