Monday, October 31, 2005

All Hallows' Even

Early Sunday, I woke up around 1:30am and couldn't get back to sleep. One of the things I thought about, was the people in my life who really touched me. Without consciously being aware, this was excellent preparation for Halloween - All Hallows' Even - traditionally, in the Church calendar, when vigils and preparations for remembering the Hallows would begin (Even being a contraction of Evening) for the day of honor and rememberance All Hallows' Day (All Saints Day).

Of my list of people who were my Saints and are no longer with us:

Ted Cronin - maybe on the surface an old, overweight, Boston Irish cop. A widower, who took care of his invalid sister. I remember in primary school he would be at the busy intersection of our school to make sure the kids crossed safely. When I got older, I did yard work for him and he always paid me twice what I asked for. In a quiet way, he was always helping people, he just always tried to do good. I observed a lot as a youth, but I wished I had taken the time to ask him his story.

Bob Davidson - grew up a tough townie. Found God and helped troubled teens. He was a very quiet man, a big bear of a man. He would drive way too slow in the slow lane in the mad Boston rush hour traffic. I chopped wood for him, raked leaves (actually used a commercial cart blower, which was quite rare in those days). He was so non-judgemental. If he caught you doing something you weren't supposed to, he didn't get mad at you, you didn't get in trouble, but you knew that he was there to help you - that he really loved you and wanted to help you. He and his wife were kind to my family and will always be remembered. They both died too young.

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